Forklift Accidents

Each year in the UK there are approximately 8000 forklift accidents are reported to the HSE, a staggering amount , this figure represents 25% of all workplace accidents ie. 1 in 4 workplace accidents involves a forklift truck.

These accidents vary in their nature , from damage to equipment and materials to minor injuries, serious injuries and even death to operators and employees. In the vast majority of cases the cause is operator error . It is the responsibility of the Employer to provide effective training for their FLT operators under PUWER1998 and HSAWA 1974, this will increase safety and minimize the risk of accident whilst also improving the efficiency of the operator.

A relatively low cost Forklift Operator Training course can save you money in the long term (fines , legal costs , increased insurance premiums, damage to stock and equipment ) not to mention the human cost.

Don't let your Company become a statistic, let us help you comply with your legal requirements and make your workplace a safer place.

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